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About the Scanning Technology

The CLA INSIGHT™ is  state of the art technology that is used to get a deeper look into how well your nervous system is functioning by measuring  areas of stress and your body's ability to adapt to stress.


What each instrument measures

  • The neuroTHERMAL™ measures spinal nerve control of organs and glands

  • The neuroCORE™ measures muscle tone and balance

  • The neuroPULSE™ measures heart rate variability and indicates how well your body can adapt to stress.

Why is This Important?

Your nervous system is like the control center of the body. If your nervous system cannot adapt to stress and begins to malfunction, it can lead to an array of health issues. Who isn't under stress these days? A properly functioning nervous system allows your body to heal more efficiently, so you feel better inside and out!

Getting your nervous system scanned will allow Dr. Valerie to create a custom care plan for you to help you reach your optimal health!

Scanning is non-invasive and safe for people of all ages, even infants and pregnant women.

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