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"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food"

Functional Medicine

Wellness is the natural state of the body. When the body is under constant physical, chemical, and emotional stress, it becomes in a state of dis-ease. 

Supporting the body's natural physiological processes through proper nutrition allows the body to heal more efficiently and return to wellness.  

If you are struggling with:

  • digestion

  • headaches/migraines

  • fatigue

  • fertility

  • weight loss

  • chronic pain

  • focus/concentration

  • skin appearance

  • hormone imbalances

  • weak immune system

Dr. Valerie is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and can help you get to

the root cause of the problem rather than chase symptoms. Dr. Valerie can make

detailed recommendations diet and whole food supplements to change your life

and health. Together we will look at the whole body and provide support where


Types of testing offered:

  • Blood testing 

  • Genetic testing for personalized nutrition through Nutrigenomix

  • Gut microbiome testing

  • Nutrition Response Testing

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Dr. Valerie Cachola-Wheeler is not a medical doctor and does not provide medical, diagnostic, or any kind of treatment procedures. The services performed by Dr. Valerie Cachola-Wheeler are aimed to support the body's natural physiological processes. Any wellness appointments will not involve the diagnosing, treating, or prescribing of medicines or the treatment of disease, or any act which will constitute the practice of medicine in this state for which a license is required

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