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Do you feel like your hormones are out
of whack? 

If you’re searching for a way to feel “good” again without headaches, brain fog, weight gain, skin issues, and exhaustion - you’ve found it. 

It’s as easy as the Hormone Harmony Women’s Wellness Program. 


Heal Better, Feel Better

Hi, I’m Dr. Valerie Cachola-Wheeler, 


More than 10 years ago, I was stuck in hormonal hell. My skin was a hot mess, and my middle section around my waist was expanding daily, even while dieting and exercising.  


I tried everything to balance my hormones, including birth control, but nothing worked.  


Instead, I dealt with even more side effects and just felt awful - this led to depression, and I hated looking in the mirror because I was unhappy with how I felt.  


After Chiropractic school, I became passionate about nutrition and healing the body naturally with whole food nutrition. I furthered my education by becoming a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. 


I felt alive and happy again. 


I lost 20 lbs.!  


I felt like ME again… 


And because of that, my goal is to help as many women balance their hormones naturally, too, and I’d love to help you next! 

You want to feel great, but it's hard.  

You're tired of feeling sluggish and just not yourself.  

You’re struggling every day because of your symptoms like weight gain, lack of sleep, headaches, skin issues, and more! 


You’re not alone, and the truth is so many women have no idea how to fix these problems naturally. For years, women have been told that if they just take a pill, their symptoms will go away. But taking synthetic hormone pills can be dangerous, and there are plenty of side effects like weight gain, mood swings, and depression.  


Women's hormonal imbalances are the root cause of many health problems.  

And balancing your hormones naturally is really hard to do on your own. 


The Hormone Harmony Women's Wellness Program is designed to help women balance their hormones naturally, at any age. We’ll show you how to eat for hormone health and get rid of the symptoms that come with hormonal imbalance. You’ll also learn about the foods that cause inflammation in your body and how they contribute to weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, skin problems, and more. Plus, we have a complete set of delicious recipes! 

Take charge of your hormones and experience... 


Balanced hormones  

Better sleep  

Improved sex drive 

Easy Weight Loss 

Less Brain Fog  

Glowing Skin 

No Hair loss  

And more…. 


You can achieve all of this by signing up for the Hormone Harmony Women’s Wellness Program today!  

All while nourishing your body with a clean, organic diet and including foods specific to women’s needs. 

You're Invited To....

Hormone Harmony Women’s Wellness Program  

Balance your hormones naturally and start feeling alive again without headaches, brain fog, and weight gain

–– all in 6 months or less! 

When you join the Women’s Wellness Program, you gain access to all the educational materials you need to balance your hormones naturally and rid yourself of unwanted symptoms so you can feel happy and alive again!


6 months of coaching to support you every step of the way back to hormonal balance. 

1 on 1 Sessions

Coaching sessions to help support you every step of the way, no matter when, no matter what help you need.  

In- Depth Guides

In-depth guides to give you a women’s focused plan to get your hormones balanced in 6 months or less. 


Access to a private, motivational community to get the support you need 24/7. 

Easy Meal Planning 

Specific foods, recipes, and meal plans to nourish your body and replenish your nutrients. You don’t have to worry about which foods to eat for diet support!


Lifetime access to all of these materials that you can always refer back to if you need a refresher. 

In just six months or less, you will know exactly how to support your body as a woman and learn everything you need to know to continue this program so that you can achieve lifelong hormonal balance and live happier. 

Are you ready to...

Lose weight and balance your hormones? 

Rid your skin of imperfections and blemishes? 

Sleep better and have more energy throughout the day?  

Ditch middle section bloat once and for all? 


...And so much more! 

Millions of women suffer from hormonal imbalances, which can lead to a number of symptoms, including weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, and hair loss. We know how hard it is to live with these problems – but we also know that there are solutions out there! That’s why I created the Hormone Harmony Women’s Wellness Program – an in-depth program designed for women who want to balance their hormones naturally. 

“I loved this program because it helped me balance my hormones naturally in just 6 months, and I was able to ditch my birth control pills that gave me headaches.”  - Happy Client 

“I was able to wean off of Motrin and get my hormonal headaches in check!” - Happy Client 

‘I lost 35 lbs. in 6 months because of the suggested meals inside of The Hormone Harmony Women’s Wellness Program. Thank you!!” - Happy Client 

Is the Hormone Harmony Women’s Wellness Program for You? 

This program is for you if you’re feeling tired, anxious, and stressed out. Your hormones are all over the place. You can’t lose weight no matter how hard you try. And your skin is breaking out more than ever before! It seems like every day, something new goes wrong with your body that makes it harder to live life to the fullest. But there is hope for women just like you!  


This incredible women’s wellness program will help balance your hormones naturally so that you don’t have to deal with these symptoms anymore! 

The Hormone Harmony Women’s Wellness Program 

Balance your hormones naturally and start feeling alive again without headaches, brain fog, and weight gain –– all in 6 months or less! 


A total value of $997

But You’ll Only Pay $697 When You Join Today 


It’s time to commit to feeling better, healthier, and balanced! Being a woman can be incredibly empowering when we have the right tools at our fingertips. 


And best of’ll get six months' worth of delicious recipes so you can easily make meals at home! 

This simple women’s wellness program will teach you everything you need to know about balancing your hormones naturally without using harmful hormone replacement therapy drugs.  

Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely not! A common misconception about eating clean or eating vegetarian is that your options are limited. This is simply untrue. There are plenty of meat substitutes that provide an incredible amount of protein. They’re filling, fibrous, and easier for your body to process than actual “processed” food. Trust me, you’ll be eating a lot more than juices and fruit salads. PLUS –– you get TWO recipe guides… with meat or without. Your choice, your program!  



This is where I highly recommend sharing the meal plans with your physician before starting. You can always adjust the meals to accommodate your health needs! While this program is based on eating only whole foods, it is still advised that you consult your physician before beginning this or any program. 


Note: This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 



Not at all. These recipes are designed to cater to those who need an especially clean diet. No matter what your eating habits look like now, this plan will help you make them better. 

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